Of Explorers And Snake Oil

Before the invention of money, traders and merchants used the barter system for millennia. Goods were exchanged for other needed goods.

With the creation of markets and the beginnings of capitalism in the 15th century, early entrepreneurs emerged, called merchants and explorers. They began to raise capital and take risks to advance their inventions and innovations.

Fast forward to the 18th century, when the beginning industrial age marked a fundamental change with new opportunities and different kinds of entrepreneurs emerging.

With the changing times, also the media of marketing and advertising shifted from newspapers and magazines in the 18th and 19th century to radio, television and the web in the 20th century.

While each new opportunity opens up new paths to innovate, change the world for the better and improve the lives of individuals and entire societies, it always also offers alternative ways for dubious fraudsters trying to deceive and exploit people - as the snake oil salesmen did in the 19th and early 20th century.

Technologies and circumstances are in constant change over time and with that, entrepreneurs evolve as well.

However, the basic principles of entrepreneurship and the mindset of the people willing to take risks, to step into the unknown, to feel uncomfortable and grow to make the world a better place by creating and offering solutions to problems have always remained ever since.

Opportunities In The Digital Age

The invention of the Internet is undoubtedly one of the most significant and most important milestones in human history. Having the world at our fingertips at any time has changed our societies and us as individual beings on an unprecedented and profound level.

With the advance of technology, new business opportunities come up at a rate never seen before and are no longer limited to a physical location. The whole world is just a click away, and we can instantly talk live to thousands or even millions of people across the globe.

The Internet has made it possible that even kids with a simple idea can create a business online and sell something to people all over the world and make huge profits in a relatively short time. This was never before possible, and no one could have ever imagined such opportunities even just a few decades ago.

We all can use the digital world to build a new business online. We can also attract more people into our existing online or offline businesses by implementing the right strategies and tools in our online presence. The lifeblood of your business is the stream of leads and the people you can help.

Whether you provide professional services, digital courses, physical or digital products, write and self-publish e-books as an author, … whether you are a freelancer, a coach, consultant, designer, web developer, small business owner, solopreneur, digital nomad, … whether you have a local business, a brick-and-mortar store, run an e-commerce shop, a print on demand service, drop shipping, Amazon FBA, service arbitrage (drop servicing), manage a theme page on social media platforms, flip websites or items, … - the Internet gives you ways and options never seen before to build and grow your business.

Regardless of what your offer is and how you serve people, whether you sell physical goods or digital products, have your own products or not, there are countless options; all of which have their unique pros and cons.

Millions of people already use the digital world to run their own business from their laptops, ranging from small side hustles to multi-million dollar empires.

There is an abundance of opportunities to find your voice, find “your people” and build a community that you can help with what you offer - and make a living doing so. From your laptop. Anytime. Anywhere.

The Quick Buck Online

Making money online and building an online business are not the same thing. We need to differentiate between the short-term focus of exchanging your time for money and the long-term focus of creating something of value that solves a problem for the people you want to serve.

Whether your primary goal is just to earn something on the side or to eventually make an income that replaces and potentially exceeds everything you have ever made in your life, there is one thing in common: get rich quick does not exist; unless you are incredibly lucky to win the lottery. Everyone who promises you otherwise is lying.

Don’t get caught up in the stories of the fake gurus. Always keep in mind, if it looks too good to be true, it usually is. Like the snake oil salesmen in the past, there are and always will be fraudsters and scammers that are trying to trick people, be it online in the digital space or offline in the real world.

That said, it is definitely possible to make some money online in a short time, but you can’t get rich quickly. Just as an example, there are various apps and online surveys you can participate in and earn some money right away, but usually it’s just a few bucks. The time you invest is disproportionate to your earnings.

Let's illustrate that with an example. You want to buy a new laptop.

Build Your Empire

If you are serious about building a business online, you need to think of it as your work, not just your hobby. You are your own boss, so you are solely responsible for consistently taking the required actions that generate the revenue for your business.

Do you already have your own business? Then you know what it takes. No revenue, no business.

If you, however, are at an early stage - probably feeling completely overwhelmed with everything - trying to figure out how all this online business stuff works, or how it could help you grow your existing business online or offline, don’t worry - I was at that point not that long ago, and I understand exactly how it feels to be in that situation and how extremely discouraging it can be. It’s easy to get to the point where you almost give up, but that’s not an option.

Before going any further, you need to get really very clear on what goal you want to achieve and, even more important, why you want it. Above all, what are you willing to do to get there?

Think of it this way:

  • Do you just want to earn a few bucks here and there, just enough to buy a cup of coffee?

  • Do you want to work for yourself to build up a good extra income and eventually replace your job?

  • Do you want to build something really big to provide unique value and serve your tribe of people in your own corner of the Internet?

Which route you choose to go is entirely up to you. Ask yourself why you want to achieve your goal.

This is different for everyone; it could be because you want more money to provide for your family, to get out of debt, to be able to buy your dream home or car, or it could be that by working for yourself you have more time and freedom to do what you love, spend time with your family, travel, …

Whatever it is that you desire, go get it. You can have it. It all depends on your own goal, your own why, and your own willingness to push through whatever it takes.

The first option is clearly the simplest and doesn’t require a lot of effort, but the return is almost negligible and will never pay your bills. This is the closest thing to still being a hobby.

The second way is considerably harder and requires a lot of work. You can definitely replace your job with something that you prefer doing over what you are doing now. But again: it is not just your hobby, it is still work! Consider this your job, but you’re your own boss. You choose what you want to do and how much work you want to take on. Typically, this is freelancing.

Route number three is without a doubt the hardest to take, but in the end also the most rewarding. This is your business, your brand, your own thing. You build something that is yours, your future, your legacy. You create your own community, gather your own tribe of people around you who you can serve and help as the expert and authority you become in your own sub-niche. This is entrepreneurship.

That’s how we proceed now. Empowering you to build or grow your online business is what Niavimi is about.

The options one and two just described will not be discussed further on this site. However, you can find some links to related resources and recommendations on our Niavimi Resources Hub.

System To Freedom

As explained above, making just a few bucks online is quite easy. Building a sustainable business with a constant stream of income is not. It requires work, dedication, perseverance, and the right strategies, tactics, tools - and ideally a mentor who is there to guide and support.

Taking the leap and following the route of creating your own online business requires a lot of hard work upfront without any instant gratification. Most people today are no longer willing to do the work without seeing an immediate benefit. But you are different - otherwise you wouldn’t still be here.

You are aware that you have to first invest your time and put in all the work required to achieve your goal and reap the benefits in the long run; and you are willing to do whatever it takes to get there because you always have your why in mind.

The ultimate beauty of an online business and all of today’s technology is that so many steps of a running business can and should be automated.

Setting up these systems and putting all the automation into place takes a lot of time and effort. But this is exactly the path to go and the only way to the “praised” true passive income.

Passive income requires a lot of active upfront work. There is no other way.

Learn how it’s done. Success is your choice.


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